Who We Are | Istanbul E-pass Team

Istanbul E-pass is a brand of ARVA DMC Travel Agency established with its innovative technology in 2021. We aim to meet the demands of the guests visiting Istanbul for reasonable prices and good service. ARVA DMC Travel agency is a member of the TURSAB Turkish Travel Agents Association. The registered license number is 5785. By blending technology and tourism, we develop systems for our guests to make their choices faster and easier and increase their satisfaction. We design our website for our guests to find complete information about attractions in Istanbul. Our pass management system provides our guests with navigation directions for attractions to easily access. Our blog page is prepared with comprehensive information about what and how to do during the Istanbul visit. 

Istanbul, one of the most visited tourist cities in the world. Accommodates nearly 20 million visitors annually. As a team of Istanbul lovers, we aim to introduce our Istanbul in the best way. To make our visitors happy, we are here to give the best service. For us, Istanbul is not just any old city. We aim to present all the places of Istanbul to our guests. Istanbul E-pass includes most of the highlight attractions of Istanbul plus some hidden. We provide customer support services in EnglishRussianSpanishFrench, and Arabic languages.

We love Istanbul very much and know very well. We have prepared the Istanbul City Guidebook to convey our guests' information in the best possible way. You can find tips and places to visit and make life easier in Istanbul in our over 50-page guide book. Our guidebook is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French, and Croatian. We will be adding translations in different languages soon. You can download the guidebook here.

Our services include

  • Istanbul E-pass
  •  Walking Tours
  •  Museum Tours
  •  Culinary Tours
  •  Bosphorus Cruise Tours
  •  Daily Istanbul Tours
  •  Airport Transfer Services
  •  Turkey Package Tours
  •  Cappadocia E-pass (Coming soon)
  •  Antalya E-pass (Coming soon)
  •  Fethiye E-pass (Coming soon)
  •  Outbound Tours (Coming soon)

How Do We Operate?

Our packages are programs that are generally preferred and prepared with specific criteria. We can make amendments in line with incoming requests.

We receive dozens of requests every day by mail and phone. We provide information about our services to understand these demands correctly and to provide the best service. In the tour program, we prepare and plan all the details. Our guest's information comes from cultural differences, the meal they will choose, etc. We know that the time allocated for vacation is always limited. We also provide a visit consultancy service through Whatsapp or chat line during the visit. 

How do we work with Travel Agencies?

We offer all the services we provide to our guests not only on our website but also through our hundreds of valuable travel agencies. We give instant reservations to our B2B panel, API, or XML systems that we offer to our travel agencies. Our agents can access very detailed programs on our panels so that their guests can choose the right product. For special requests, we can communicate via Whatsapp, chat, email, and phone lines.

Our Quality Measures

We aim to provide the best service to our guests during their travels. For this reason, we are cautious when choosing the partners we have worked with. Any dissatisfaction beyond our control is again our responsibility. For this reason, we are trying to maximize the guest experience by keeping in constant communication with our partners with accurate information.

Our Sales Channels

  • Our website
  •  OTA
  •  Travel Agencies
  •  Tour Guides
  •  Bloggers & Influencers