How does Istanbul E-pass Saving Guarantee Work?

Istanbul E-pass is the best way to explore Istanbul with best savings. You will never pay more than you use. We guarantee saving, if you don´t save with Istanbul E-pass, we refund the rest amount from your used attractions gate prices.

For Limited Attraction Users

Istanbul E-pass guarantees to save during your Istanbul visit from what you paid to pass compared with admission prices of attractions.

You may feel tired and can’t visit as many attractions as you plan before or you buy the pass and you miss the open time of the attraction or you couldn’t be on time for a guided tour and can’t join or you just visit 2 attractions and don’t want to visit others.

We only calculate the entrance gate prices of the attractions you used which are shared on our attractions page. If it is less than what you paid to use we refund the rest amount back up to 10 business days after your application.

Please do not forget, the reserved attractions must be canceled a minimum of 24 hours before not being counted as used.

For No Attraction Users

Istanbul E-pass can be activated any time within 2 years after the purchase date. If you change your plan and don’t have a chance to use your pass, you can cancel your pass without penalty. Our policy for non-used pass refunds till 2 years after the purchase date. Reserved attractions should be canceled a minimum of 24 hours before the reservation date if reserved.