How does Istanbul E-pass work

Istanbul E-pass is available 2,3, 5 and 7 days covers over 30 Top Istanbul Attractions. Pass duration starts with your first activation and counts the number of the days you pick..

How is pass purchased and activated?

1 - Choose your 2, 3,5 or 7 days pass
2 - Buy online with your credit card and recieve pass to your email adress instantly
3 - Access to your account and start to manage your reservation. For walk in attractions no need to manage, show your pass and get in.
4 - Some attractions like Bursa Day Trip, Dinner&Cruise on Bosphorus needs to be reserved, you can easily reserve from your E-pass account.

You can activate your pass in two ways.

1. Log in your pass account and choose the dates you want to use. Don’t forget pass counts calendar days not 24 hours.
2. You can activate your pass with first use. When you show your pass to counter staff or guide, your pass will be admitted and that means it is activated. You can count days of your pass from activation day.

Pass Duration

Istanbul E-pass is available 2,3, 5 and 7 days. Pass duration starts with your first activation and counts the number of the days you pick. Calender days are the count of pass not 24 hours for one day. For example; if you have 3 days pass and activate it on Tuesday, it will be expired on Thursday at 23:59. Pass can be used only in consecutive days.

Included Attractions

Istanbul E-pass included 30+ top attractions and tours. While your pass is valid, you can use as many as from the attractions included. Each attractions can be used once. Please click for all attraction list.

How to use

Walk in Attractions: Many of the attractions are walk in. That means you don’ need to make reservation or visit at spesific time. During open hours visit and show your pass (qr code) to the counter staff and get in.

Guided Tours: Some attractions in pass are guided tours. You need to meet with guides at the meeting point at meeting time. You can find meeting time and point in each attractions explanation. At meeting points, guide will hold Istanbul E-pass flag. Show your pass (qr code) to guide and get in. 

Reservation Required: Some attractions must be reserved in advance like Dinner&Cruise on Bosphorus, Bursa Day Trip. You need to make your reservation from your pass account which is very easy to handle. Supplier will send you confirmation and pick up time to be ready for your pick up. When you meet show your pass (qr code) to transferman. It is done. Enjoy...