Bursa Tour Day Trip from Istanbul

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Istanbul E-pass includes a Bursa Tour Day Trip from Istanbul with an English and Arabic-speaking Professional Guide. Tour starts at 09:00, ends at 22:00.

Bursa Tour Attraction with Istanbul E-pass

Would you consider escaping the city for a day? You may want to visit because you are curious, but Istanbulites like to escape from the busy city at the weekends.

Bursa gives everything you are looking for. It offers everything with the nearby City's alternative life, colorful streets, history, and food.
Did you know that you can escape Bursa with Istanbul E-pass? Let's look at what sweet settlements are around Bursa before walking around the streets designed with stones.

The sample itinerary is like below

  • Pick up from centrally located hotels in Istanbul around 08:00-09:00
  • Ferry ride to Yalova city
  • ATV safari ride can be used in Yalova at extra cost
  • Around 1-hour drive to Bursa City
  • A visit to the Turkish Delight shop in Bursa
  • Continue to the Mount Uludag
  • See the 600 years old Plane Tree on the way
  • A visit to a local jam store which has more than 40 different jams
  • Lunch break at Kerasus Restaurant
  • Stay for around an hour at Mount Uludag (Depends on the weather it may be more if there is heavy snow)
  • 45 minutes cable car ride back to the city center
  • Chair lift can be used at extra cost
  • A visit to the Green Mosque and Green Tomb
  • Drive to the port to take the ferry back to Istanbul
  • Drop-off back to your hotel around 22:00-23:00 (Depending on traffic conditions)

Koza Han

It is one of the best-known places in Bursa. Located in the Hanlar region. "Han" literally serves as a house that hosts the migrating or trading caravanserais and houses the shops. Therefore, it feels like home with its vast courtyard with tea houses and trees. You can eat the famous "tahini pide", which we will talk about in the "what to eat" section, with tea here. It was also here that most silkworm cocoons were sold at the time. Currently, these shops sell famous silk scarves unique to Bursa.

Mount Uludag

In Turkish, it means "great mountain." In ancient times it was mentioned by many historians and geographers as the "Olympus." Its highest peak is 2,543 m (8,343 ft.) Between the 3rd and 8th centuries, many monks came and built monasteries here. After the Ottoman conquest of Bursa, some of those monasteries were abandoned. In 1933, a hotel and a proper road were constructed to Mount Uludag. Since this date, Uludag has become a center for winter and ski sports. Bursa Cable Car was the first cable car in Turkey, which was opened in 1963. Uludag has the largest ski resort in Turkey.

Grand Mosque

It was built by Yildirim Bayezid and completed in 1400. The Grand Mosque is a rectangular structure measuring 55 x 69 meters. Its total interior area is 3,165 square meters. It is the largest of the grand mosques in Turkey. Yildirim Bayezid decided to build twenty mosques when he was victorious in the Battle of Nigbolu. The mosque was built with treasures won in the victory of Nigbolu.

Green Mausoleum

The Green Mausoleum was built in 1421 by Sultan Mehmet Celebi. It can be witnessed from all overhead the city. Mehmet Celebi the 1st built the mausoleum in his health and died 40 days after the construction. It is the only mausoleum in Ottoman Empire where all its walls are coated with tiles. Evliya Celebi's writings of his travels also contain information about the mausoleum.

Green Mosque

Green (Yesil) Mosque was a government mansion also. It is a magnificent two-story, two-domed building built by Mehmet Celebi the 1st between 1413-1424. Famous researcher and traveler Charles Texier states that this structure is the best or even Ottoman Empire. Historian Hammer writes that the mosque's minaret and domes were also paved with tiles in the past.

Osman and Orhan Gazi Tombs

One of our famous sightseeing areas will be the tombs. When you arrive at Tophane Park, the first buildings you will see are these two tombs. It is believed that the founders of the Ottoman Empire were buried right in this region. In the 19th century, instead of the tombs destroyed in an earthquake, new and current tombs were built.

Ulu Mosque

One of Turkey's most famous mosques is the "Ulu Mosque." We are in a 20-domed mosque that was completed at the end of the 14th century. It is considered one of the oldest mosques in the Turkish-Islamic world with its history. The solar system engraved on the pulpit of the mosque is one of its prominent features. Your trip to Bursa without visiting Bursa Ulu Mosque would be incomplete.

What To Eat?

Pideli Kofte (Meatballs with pide bread)

The most outstanding qualities of the Marmara region come together, livestock and pastry. The famous meatballs of the Inegol region, which is close to the city, are served with pita. It is served with yogurt like Iskender.


This is the reason why countless Turks come to Bursa. Iskender takes its name from a 19th-century restaurateur. İskender Efendi places the lamb meat parallel to the wood fire. In this way, the meat takes the heat exactly all over it. While serving, meat is placed on pita bread. Yogurt is added on the side. Finally, if you wish, they will come to your table and ask if you would like to buy melted butter on it.

Kestane Sekeri (Walnut Candy)

A few chestnut confectioners at the entrance of the Osman and Orhan Gazi Tombs are among our favorites. However, confectioners have developed a lot to find excellent candied chestnuts all over the city.

Tahinli Pide (Pide bread with tahini)

We recommend the tahini pita, which the locals call "tahinli." Since one of the most prominent features of Anatolia is pastry, the bakery has also developed. You should especially try the Bursa simit (bagel) with your tahini pita.

What to Buy in Bursa?

First, silk scarves and shawls are among the most popular souvenirs, as the cocoon trade was high in the past. Second, candy chestnut is one of the products that you can buy in packages. Finally, if there is no problem at the border, Bursa's knives are also top-rated.

Around Bursa

Saitabat Village

The "Saitabat Women's Solidarity Association" may make the village of Saitabat attractive and visitable. You will love the breakfast you will have here. It usually is called "spread breakfast" or "mixed breakfast." As the name suggests, you have everything on your table. This breakfast comes in the same way as they bring you breakfast when you visit any Anatolian village.

Cumalikizik Village

Once upon a time, the people of Kizik escaped from the Mongols and took shelter in the Ottoman Empire. So here we are in the village established by the people of Kizik. Their houses and streets remained as they were, so UNESCO took them under protection. Of course, you can order endless breakfasts here, but there are better ones. You can visit the tiny stands located in the square and buy the fruits collected by the villagers or the food they cook. A two-hour visit is more than enough for the whole village.

Mudanya – Tirilye

We did not want to separate the Mudanya and Tirilye regions from each other. Because they are so beautiful together, these are two regions from the Romans. You can visit the Armistice House and Crete Neighborhood in Mudanya. Then you can reach Tirilye in a half-hour journey. This is a lovely little village with olives, soap, and fishers. You can have your meal at a fish restaurant. Before leaving, do not forget to visit the shops where you can buy your little souvenirs.

The Final Word

Bursa holds extensive historical importance in the history of Turkey, and being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire; it is home to many Sultans resting under its soil. So if you love Istanbul, you will surely love Bursa. We hope we have given you ideas to make your plans easier during your trip. So do not forget to contact us for your journey with Istanbul E-pass.

Bursa Tour Times:

Bursa Tour starts around 09:00 till around 22:00 (depends on the traffic conditions.)

Pick up and Meeting Informations:

Bursa Tour Day Trip From Istanbul includes pick up and drop off service from/to centrally located hotels. Exact pick up time from the hotel will be given during confirmation.The meeting will be at the reception of the hotel.

Important Notes:

  • It is required to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Lunch is included with the tour and beverages are served extra.
  • Participants need to be ready at pickup time in the lobby of the hotel.
  • Pick up is included only from centrally located hotels.
  • During Mosque visits in Bursa, Ladies need to cover their hair and wear long skirts or loose trousers. Gentleman should not wear shorts higher than the knee level.
Know before you go

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I buy from Bursa?

    Silk scarves and shawls are handmade and hand-painted ceramic pottery and tile work known in the Iznik quarter. Ceramic plates, bowls, knives, chestnut candies.

  • How much time does it take to reach Bursa from Istanbul?

    You can reach Bursa from Istanbul in about two and a half hours. Bursa & Mount Uludag Day Trip Tour is free for Istanbul E-pass holders.

  • How far is Bursa from Istanbul?

    Bursa is about 96 miles or 153 km from Istanbul.

  • What are popular attractions are there in Bursa to visit?

    Bursa is a tourist-loved city. The worth visiting places here are Mount Uludag, The Grand Mosque, The Green Mosque, Tomb of Osman Gazi and Tomb of Orhan Gazi.

  • How to enjoy Bursa?

    Bursa is a must-on tourist list spot for all travelers coming to Turkey. To enjoy it fully, walking in the street is the best option because you will find an attraction nearly every turn.

  • For what things Bursa is famous?

    Bursa is famous for its hand-made hand-painted pottery and tilework. Don't hesitate to buy a bowl, cup, plate, or figurine as a memory of the trip. You can also find quality silk products.

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